Potential is growing
in a shrinking world.

Who We Are

Loudwater is a UK-based global trading firm with over 25 years of experience helping businesses grow. 

Our in-depth knowledge of the international market enables our clients to procure hard-to-reach branded products and distribute them to destinations everywhere. 

In a world becoming ever more focused on a globalised economy, we are firm believers that businesses should take advantage of these emerging international markets and find a solid space for their products to shine.

For us, nothing is more important than watching businesses grow, succeed and spread their impact.

A world of opportunity awaits →

Cup of coffee, laptop, cactus on a wooden table

 Built on caffeine.

When we started out in 1991, we were a small coffee-trading company sourcing high-end Brazilian coffee for our European clients.

In those days we had one simple goal: To make our clients happy.

This mission has never changed. 

Over the years, our growing reputation took us from being a small company to a Leading Global Trading Firm that has worked with the best-known brands of today’s international market.

Our process, simplified:

Sourcing - Shipping - Selling

Sourcing: “I’m looking for brand X…”

Having worked with thousands of sellers for over 25 years, we have robust strategies in place for finding your ideal products at uber-compelling prices. We stand behind our products and are fully committed to ensuring the credibility and authenticity of the brands we source.

Shipping: “How do I navigate this?”

At Loudwater, we will guide you through the complete shipping process, directing you to the best options available. With our expert knowledge in the world of international shipping, we will ensure that the full process is smooth sailing for you – throughout.

Selling: “Will this end in success?”

In-line with our fundamental mission, we will always stand behind what we sell.

As your trusted partners, we are in it for the long-term and deadpan focused on ensuring a happy ending to every selling story. Our customers come back to us each time again because they know that they will always have our backs, whatever happens. 

Getting your top-tier products into the right hands will be hassle-free and profit-worthy with Loudwater at your side.

Trusted partners, first.

More than service provider, we are your partners.

We will stand by your success because we believe in our clients and in the products they sell.

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Determined to deliver since 1991.